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Comprehensive range of services


  • Creation of full and partial cosmetic dentures
  • Coordination of dental implant treatment for patients seeking dentures over implants.
  • Expert repair, reline and ultrasonic cleaning services. Our ultrasonic cleaning of dentures and partials vigorously removes tartar and plaque so your dentures can stay fresh and sparkling clean.
  • Mouth guards are commonly worn in sporting events where there is a serious risk of a blow to the mouth or jaw area resulting in trauma to the teeth and gums.  At Telada Laboratories we can create a custom fitted mouth guard for you.



Specialised service for your peace of mind


Telada laboratories is a technical specialist to the dental profession for all aspects of removable prosthesis.




High quality standards throughout the process


For new dentures we utilize a large range of artificial teeth and our denture processing system is ensure the most accurate fit for dental appliances. The low allergy denture acrylic is especially successful for those with delicate oral tissue, allergies or chemical sensitivities.




Adherence to quality and confidentiality standards

To maintain quality control our laboratory uses premium products and carefully monitors each procedure done in our on-site laboratory. We strictly follow current codes and protocols of the Dental Practice Board of Victoria, including infection controls, medical confidentiality , dental records and continuing professional development as specified by the Dental Practice Board Of Victoria in the Code of Practice of Dentistry by Dental Prosthetists . (Read the full document)



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